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Bullpen Ribs & BBQ | Barbeque Restaurants | Atlanta, GA


Bullpen Ribs & BBQ (Barbeque) best barbeque located in Atlanta, GA offers a fun and casual dining experience with a focus on delicious, slow-cooked meat and all the classic sides and fixings that go along with it.

Savor the Flavors of BBQ Perfection in our Newly Renovated Haven

Satisfy your cravings at Bullpen Ribs & BBQ with our Classic BBQ Platter, Brisket Sandwich Combo, and BBQ Salad Bowl. Indulge in mouthwatering flavors and experience the best of BBQ. Visit us today for an unforgettable culinary adventure



Mon - Fri  11 AM - 8 PM

Sat 12 N - 8 PM



Have you been craving barbecue in Atlanta? Well Satisfy it now with the best barbeque in ATLANTA! We have the best must try seasoned meats around. Bullpen Ribs & BBQ is a place you want to come to with friends and family to enjoy the best barbecue in Atlanta. We specialize in serving the most mouthwatering, deliciously smoked tender meats. As one of the top barbecue restaurants in Atlanta, we offer a wide selection of BBQ classics, such as our signature hand pulled pork, white BBQ turkey, and slow cooked crisp chicken. If you want to celebrate a special occasion, or just in the mood for a meat sensation, look no further than Bullpen Ribs & BBQ. Find the best barbecue in Atlanta, Georgia, for satisfaction. Located in the heart of Atlanta. Our love for BBQ runs deep: so deep that we take great pride in the quality of our food and ensure each piece of meat is personally prepared by our pit master. At our Atlanta barbecue restaurant, we are very much passionate about serving delicious Atlanta ribs, smoked porks, turkey barbecue, etc. Our love for BBQ runs deep. So we take great pride in the quality of our food and the warmth of our service at our barbecue restaurant in Atlanta.
About Bullpen Ribs & BBQ Bullpen Ribs & BBQ is your finest contemporary restaurant serving authentic Atlanta barbecue meats with other local cuisines. We use a plethora of mixes of flavors that give our delicacies a unique flavor by blending traditional barbeque style with special ingredients and preparation techniques. At our Atlanta barbecue restaurant, we are very much passionate about serving delicious Atlanta ribs, smoked porks, turkey barbecue, etc. Our love for BBQ runs deep. So we take great pride in the quality of our food and the warmth of our service at our barbecue restaurant in Atlanta. Our belief lies in preparing a great BBQ for more than just the food. As one of the leading barbecue restaurants in Atlanta, GA, we can only give the best experience to customers by creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere where people can gather, relax and enjoy good company over food. Nothing can beat the taste of meat, a variety of mouth-watering sides, and flavorful drinks to make the barbecue Atlanta dine-in moments special. At Bullpen Ribs & BBQ, we strive to create that exact environment for people, so they consider one of the top barbecue restaurants in Atlanta, GA. We are your best barbecue restaurants in Atlanta to provide a unique buffet idea that is a feast for the senses. You can bring in your large group for a feast in your best barbecue in Atlanta with our BBQs that are served directly from the grills with our scrumptious Buffet spread that comprises a wide choice of starters.
Must Try Plates: • Rib Plate We have the best hands down ribs in the city! Fall of the bone, soft, tender pork that is cooked just to perfection, slowly cooked overnight in our homemade spices. The right amount of crispy, soft, mouthwatering meat. • Smoked Chicken Our chicken is prepared with in-house spices, slowly cooked overnight for a crunchy, crisp, yet soft fall of the bone taste. • Beef Brisket Our brisket is an Atlanta favorite. Seasoned with in-house spices, slowly cooked for a tender, crisp taste. The right amount of meat with the right amount of fat. • Tenders and Wings Our thick, home battered tenders are one of a kind. Made fresh to order in our homemade batter and spices. Can’t get any crisper than our tenders. Our whole wings are also one of a kind. Thick juicy, fried to perfection. Crisp outside, soft inside. • Pulled Pork How can we forget about this? Never. Our homemade, hand pulled pork is the signature dish of Atlanta. Bullpen Ribs & BBQ is known for its ribs and pulled pork. Seasoned with special spices, tossed in our homemade signature sauce, this dish satisfies any cravings. Desserts Anyone? Try our various in-house desserts! •Banana Pudding •Peach Cobbler •Brownies •Chocolate Chip Cookies Catering, that’s Us! Let us take over and take control of your next event. Corporate, wedding, family, book club, or a reunion. We specialize in catering and know just what to do. It will be a success. •Various options for mouthwatering meats •Homemade sides such as: green beans, collard greens, coleslaw, potato salad. Every item will feel like a home cooked meal. That’s just what we do! You have the option between party and family packs and various meats, sides, breads. Each order comes with plenty of food, and our signature sauce. Order Now and Pick Up or get a delivery service! We will prepare your order as soon as we receive it. We are fast, efficient, and will always make sure your food tastes the best. You can order through our website, Uber, Grub hub, or Door dash. It’s fast, convenient, and easy! Foodies do Praise Us… "Bullpen Ribs & BBQ is my go-to BBQ place. If I don’t feel like having pulled pork or ribs, I just grab some tenders and fries. I am never disappointed with eating here.” – Charlie E. "I never knew enjoying turkey in a BBQ restaurant was so good until I tried it at Bullpen Ribs & BBQ. Usually, the turkey is cut or sliced, but this place pulled their turkey which was new. I loved it, especially with that white sauce they sprinkle on top; I came back 2 days in a row.” – Melissa Dewberry "If you are a BBQ lover, Bullpen Ribs & BBQ is a must-visit for you. They serve the best ribs in Georgia, I must say. The ribs were so tender and flavorful; it was like they melted in my mouth. The portions were generous, and the prices were reasonable. – DFG "I'm a foodie and definitely a BBQ enthusiast. I tried the pulled pork, and this barbecue restaurant in Atlanta exceeded all my expectations. I live outside the city so if I get a chance, I try to visit this place. The cooking, the portion, and the sauces, everything was exceptional. It has the perfect balance of the sweet and tangy taste." – Gregory Hind "I finally found a barbecue restaurant in Atlanta, GA, that serves the perfect BBQ meat and has reasonable pricing. I normally get 2 tenders, 1 rib, and some pulled pork. This combo satisfies my cravings for all their meats. I mix the original BBQ sauce with their spicy sauce, with a dash of the yellow Carolina mustard sauce, yum”. – David S.

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